Designed for blasting medium and small parts, such as cast iron, forged, aluminum, precision cast iron, heat treatment, and other small parts. An explosion-proof model is also available, especially ideal for small magnesium alloy parts.

  • The rubber of circular belt is highly heat-resistant, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Decreasing uncleanable area while the circular rubber belt rotates to and for.
  • The conveying round table in the blasting cabinet is made of high chrome, with a simple design that makes inspection and maintenance easy.
Model YSM-307
Processing capacity 200kg
Blade ø360*ø150*1set
Motor 10HP*4P*1set
Circular belt ø700*850(W)
Motor 1HP*4P*1set
Lifter 260*460*4100(H)
Motor 1HP*4P*1set
Air flushing dust collector motor 50HZ 3HP*2P*1set
60HZ 2HP*2P*1set
Dust separator motor 1/2HP*4P*1set
Total horsepower 50HZ 15-1/2HP
60HZ 14-1/2HP
Net weight 2100kg
Occupied space 1600*2000*4100(H)

◎ The machine specifications are subject to change according to the design.