This machine is suitable for single surface continuous blasting for casting aluminum parts, and long flat parts. 2-4 sets of blade configuration are available. The conveyor belt speed is variable, controlled by a frequency inverter to suit various work pieces.
  • A drum type with lining shot blasting machine is available for single surface blasting.
  • The machine can be modified for the needs of ship-and galley tiles, and a loading/unloading stacking rack is designed for direct packaging after shot blasting treatment.
  • Model YSM-706 YSM-712 YSM-715
    Processing capacity 600(W)*300(H) 1200(W)*500(H) 1500(W)*600(H)
    Blade ø360*ø150*2sets ø360*ø150*3sets ø360*ø150*4sets
    Motor 10HP*4P*2sets 10HP*4P*3sets 10HP*4P*4sets
    Conveyor belt 900(W)*10(T) 1500(W)*12(T) 1800(W)*15(T)
    Motor 2HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set 3HP*4P*1set
    Big screw motor 2HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set 3HP*4P*1set
    Small screw motor 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set
    Lifter motor 1HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set
    Air flushing dust collector motor 50HZ 5HP*2P*1set 7-1/2HP*2P*1set 7-1/2HP*2P*1set
    60HZ 3HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set
    Dust separator motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
    Total horsepower 50HZ 31-1/2HP 45HP 57HP
    60HZ 29-1/2HP 42-1/2HP 54-1/2HP

    ◎ The machine specifications are subject to change according to the design.