This machine is designed for removing sand, rust and steel burrs on small casting parts, forging parts and casting aluminum parts. Applicable workplace materials include cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metal. It features a simplified machine construction, easy operation and outstanding blasting performance. The machine creates a smooth surface effect and is cost-effective. It is equipped with a drum to keep the steel balls separated from work pieces. 

Model YSM-108 YSM-110 YSM-112
Processing capacity 150kg 250kg 350kg
Blade ∮360*∮125*1set ∮360*∮125*1set ∮420*∮125*1set
  Motor 50HZ 7-1/2HP*4P*1set 10HP*4P*1set 15HP*4P*1set
60HZ 5HP*4P*1set 7-1/2HP*4P*1set 10HP*4P*1set
Drum Inside drum rubber ∮820*760(L)*5/8(T)厚 ∮1020*960(L)*3/4(T)厚 ∮1210*1110(L)*3/4(T)厚
Motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set
  Dust collector motor 50HZ 1HP*2P*1set 2HP*2P*1set 3HP*2P*1set
60HZ 1HP*2P*1set 1HP*2P*1set 2HP*2P*1set
Vibration motor 1/4HP*4P*1set 1/4HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Total horsepower 50HZ 9-1/4HP 13-1/4HP 20-1/2HP
60HZ 6-3/4HP 9-3/4HP 14-1/2HP
Net weight 1650kg 2200kg 3100kg
Occupied space 1700*2100*2200(H) 1900*2300*2580(H) 2100*2600*2580(H)