• Simple design, easy operation, efficient finishing, high blasting speed.
  • The advanced model is equipped with lifter and screw motor, allowing for collection of steel balls while drum is stopped.
  • Ideal for blasting aluminum parts, which require minimum collision operation. 
  • The steel shot can be completely separated from the work piece.
Drum type shot blasting machine Improved drum type shot blasting machine
.dry filter vibration type dust collection system .air flushing dust collector motor
.time lag setting with drum .equipped with lifter and screw motor
.filter tiny particles as small as 0.1 micron .no internal drum, steel shot can be retrieved more rapidly

▲Comparison between drum type shot blasting machine and improved drum type shot blasting machine.


Model YSM-B108 YSM-B110 YSM-B112 YSM-B115
Processing capacity 150kg 250kg 350kg 500kg
Blade ø360*ø125*1set ø360*ø125*1set ø420*ø125*1set ø420*ø125*1set
Motor 50HZ 7-1/2HP*4P*1set 10HP*4P*1set 15HP*4P*1set 20HP*4P*1set
60HZ 5HP*4P*1set 7-1/2HP*4P*1set 10HP*4P*1set 15HP*4P*1set
Drum Inside drum rubber ø870*760(L)*7/8(T) ø1070*960(L)*1”(T) ø1260*1110(L)*1”(T) ø1550*1200(L)*1”(T)
Motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 2HP*4P*1set 3HP*4P*1set
Screw conveyor motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Lifter motor 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set
Air flushing dust collector motor 1HP*2P*1set 2HP*2P*1set 3HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set
Dust separator motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Total horsepower 50HZ 11HP 15HP 22HP 30HP
60HZ 8-1/2HP 12-1/2HP 17HP 25HP
Net weight 1900kg 2450kg 3500kg 4900kg
Occupied space 1800*2500*3000(H) 2000*2700*3250(H) 2200*3000*3500(H) 2500*3700*3850(H)

◎ The machine specifications are subject to change according to the design.