This specially designed hanging type shot blasting machine has two diagonal shafts, permitting continuous blasting operations. When one shaft is performing blasting, the other shaft is performing parts loading and unloading, providing continuous operations without stopping the machine.

  • The machine features high operating speed that greatly reduces blasting time and production cost.
  • Designed for blasting parts requiring collision prevention, easily deformed parts, initial stage blasting for precision casting parts, and rear stage blasting before pickling.
  • Specialized hanging rack can be purchased to reduce operating time and ensure even blasting.
  • Equipped with a safety device for shaft.


Model YSM-507 YSM-509 YSM-512
Processing capacity ø700*1000(H) ø900*1000(H) ø1200*1000(H)
Blade ø360*ø150*2sets ø360*ø150*2sets ø420*ø150*2sets
Motor 15HP*4P*2sets 15HP*4P*2sets 15HP*4P*2sets
Screw conveyor motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Lifter 260*460*4500(H) 260*460*4500(H) 260*460*4500(H)
Lifter motor 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set
Hanging shaft Self running motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Co-running motor 1/2HP*6P*1set 1HP*6P*1set 2HP*6P*1set
Air flushing dust collector motor 50HZ 5HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set 7-1/2HP*2P*1set
60HZ 3HP*2P*1set 3HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set
Dust separator motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Total horsepower 50HZ 38-1/2HP 39HP 42HP
60HZ 36-1/2HP 37HP 40HP
Net weight 6000kg 6800kg 6800kg
Occupied space 2800*3100*4500(H) 3200*3500*4500(H) 3700*4000*4500(H)

◎ The machine specifications are subject to change according to the design.