This three-shaft hanging type shot blasting machine is designed for precision casting parts. Ideal for initial stage parts blasting and rear stage blasting before pickling. This model employs three shafts, each shaft has spinning and rotation. The shafts spin to the blade for blasting from different angles and decrease the uncleanable area.

The short distance blasting increases blasting efficiency, greatly reducing blasting time and production cost. Its outstanding features provide full satisfaction for all customers. 

Model YSM-605 YSM-607 YSM-608
Processing capacity ∮500*1000H*3sets ∮700*1000H*3SETS ∮800*1000H*3sets
Blade ∮360*∮150*2sets ∮360*∮150*2sets ∮360*∮150*2sets
Blade motor 15HP*4P*2sets 15HP*4P*2sets 15HP*4P*2sets
Steel ball screw sieving device 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set
Lifter 260*460*4300(H) 260*460*4300(H) 260*460*4300(H)
Lifter motor 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set 1HP*4P*1set
Hanging shaft self running ∮500*3sets ∮700*3sets ∮800*3sets
Hanging shaft self running motor 1/4HP*6P*1set 1/4HP*6P*1set 1/4HP*6P*1set
Air flushing dust collector motor 50HZ 5HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set 5HP*2P*1set
60HZ 3HP*2P*1set 3HP*2P*1set 3HP*2P*1set
Dust separator motor 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set 1/2HP*4P*1set
Total horsepower 50HZ 37-3/4HP 37-3/4HP 37-3/4HP
60HZ 35-3/4HP 35-3/4HP 35-3/4HP
Digital ammeter & voltmeter Optional/ Installed as requested Optional/ Installed as requested Optional/ Installed as requested
Blast timer
Frequecy converter
PLC auto control Basic configuration Basic configuration Basic configuration
Net weight 4300kg 4800kg 5100kg
Occupied space 1650L*3650W*4300H 2000L*4000W*4300H 2200L*4200W*4300H
◎The machine specifications are subject to change according to the design.